General Dentistry


Preventive dentistry is the area of oral care that involves education and treatment that aims to maintain your teeth and gums. Good oral health is an important factor contributing to overall health.

Hygiene and Cleaning

Professional cleaning by a dental hygienist aims to remove plaque, tarter and stains that have accumulated on the teeth. Even with routine brushing and flossing of your teeth, tartar can develop and can lead serious infections of your gums and bone. These infections not only impact your oral health but also your overall health.



Restorative dentistry is all dentistry which serves to restore a tooth to a strong and healthy state. It is important to start treatment early when teeth are decayed or cracked so that extensive destruction or loss of teeth can be avoided.


Fillings are used when a tooth is damaged by decay or small cracks or fractures. The damaged or decayed part of the tooth is removed and replaced with a strong replacement material. We will recommend which material is best for your situation.


Crowns are used when a tooth is at risk of fracturing or to achieve superior aesthetics. Crowns are the strongest restorations available and are able to hold a tooth together which would otherwise break under chewing forces. Porcelain crowns and veneers offer lifelike natural aesthetics to teeth which are heavily broken down or discoloured.


A bridge is a tooth replacement option which is especially useful when teeth near the missing tooth could benefit from a crown. A false tooth filling the missing space is attached to crowns on adjacent teeth providing a replacement tooth that is fixed in the mouth and would not be removed like dentures.


Endodontic treatment, most commonly referred to as a root canal, eliminates pain and resolves infection in a tooth and surrounding bone. This infection could be a result of large decay or trauma and a root canal allows a patient to keep their natural teeth when they would otherwise be lost.



We offer dentistry for children of all ages. Our warm and friendly team strives to make appointments as fun and easy as possible. We are happy to offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) sedation to ensure a comfortable appointment for children who may be nervous. We recommend families bring in their child for their first appointment either within six months of the first tooth erupting or when they reach the age of one. It is important to find and diagnose any problems early so they can be fixed right away. It is also valuable to discuss what to do at home to ensure parents are optimally caring for their child’s teeth and mouth.



When a tooth cannot be saved due to extensive destruction, infection, or decay it must be removed to avoid worsening infection. Our goal is to make this process as comfortable as possible. We use gentle techniques to both avoid patient discomfort and to minimize trauma to surrounding bone and tissue. This is important in case the patient elects to have an implant-supported tooth replacement. We also offer Oral Surgery services at our office, where we routinely perform extractions of wisdom teeth under IV sedation for additional patients’ comfort and reduced anxiety.